Online Dating

Why Fapchat?


There are many reasons why users sign up and use Fapchat, in this post we will go over just a few of them to give you a better idea.


fapchat hookup

Its a growing trend, and internet hookups are a thing of the norm now. Everyone does it, and there is no shame in that.

A few years ago the term “internet hookup” would freak people out, but now everyone is doing exactly that.

On Fapchat its possible to hookup with nearby members, or if you are feeling adventurous you can match with people further from you.

Trading videos and pictures

Another big activity amongst our members and most internet users, is pictures and video sharing.

At Fapchat of course, our members are more on the explicit type of people that like to send and trade nude selfies and videos.

If that is something you like, and love seeing sexy girl selfies and videos, then you should sign up to Fapchat now and check it out.

Online Dating

Although our members are mainly there just for casual sex and hookups, there has been a few people that have ended up dating after a hookup.

So come in with the mind of wanting to hookup, and you never know what will happen after that!


Maybe you are not looking to hookup and just looking for someone that you can chat with via sms or texts.

We have section on Fapchat where you can specifically look for a sexting partner to share your texts and selfies with.